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Best Practice

BCC can assist organisations to understand what “best practice” is in the delivery of services and support to people with disability.  BCC believes that current best practice should focus on the following areas:  Active Support, Family Governance, Practice Leadership, Person Centred Thinking, and Positive Behaviour Support and reducing restrictive practices.  Best practice is certainly not limited to these areas, but from a service delivery perspective these are key issues.

The Active Support model is a research-based set of actions which focus on the way community based group home staff work with clients and the organisation to ensure that the primary focus is on direct support of residents to enable them to participate actively in everyday activities. When implemented, Active Support can result in a highly cost-effective intervention because it yields better outcomes by using existing group-home staff more effectively. BCC can provide Active Support training within individual agencies.

Family Governance for people living in community based group homes

BCC can provide advice, policy and training in the development and implementation of a family governance model. There is a strong link between individualised funding and self-determination and the need for disability services to be provided in a manner that is consistent with freedom, authority, support and responsibility. Governance in this model refers to the decision making structures and processes that support the establishment and maintenance of the security of a shared living environment and resource pooling arrangements for all families.

Family Governance should:

  • Sustain the legal and financial arrangements required to protect the security of the persons with disability.
  • Actively promote a focus on the preferences and choices of each individual, particularly where the focus might be undermined by the compromises required by group living.

This is likely to involve:

  • Uphold the rights of each individual, particular where group living, and/or the association of housing and support, might threaten those rights.
  • Promote the social inclusion of each person in their community, particularly where group living and/or clustered housing arrangements might present obstacles to inclusion.

Practice Leadership

BCC can assist organisations develop and maintain an effective and positive staff support culture for clients through managers: spending time observing staff work and providing feedback and modelling good practice; providing staff with regular one-to-one supervision; and team meetings focussed upon improving client engagement and staff-client relationships.

Policy Development

BCC can provide review and development of policy and procedures covering a wide range of operations and services in the disability sector.

Staff Training

BCC has a long history in the provision of training and development for frontline, management and clinical staff. All training is tailored to suit individual organisational needs and can address the following areas of specialisation:

  • Positive Behaviour Support
  • Client Safeguarding including Restrictive Practices
  • Active Support
  • Accidental Counselling
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